The Perils 2020 DIY Rescan

pHW71eLZGws700400 Perils 2020 DIY TELECINE RESCANRescan of an old film made back around 2010/11.  Scanned using DIY Projector telecine. The Perils | \”The River\” | Isle […]
kodak super 8mm craig richards


Set up a Giphy Channel featuring some super 8 clips. I have now been accepted as a \”Giphy Artist\” so I think you can now search […]
The Perils. The isle of white music festival. Kodak Tri X Super 8

The Perils | Super 8 Projection

The Perils | Super 8 Music Video https://craigrichardscine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Perils-ISLE-OF-WHITE-super-8-projection-3.mp4 Projecting some old Super 8 reels. Brighton based band The Perils playing at Isle of White Festival in […]
circle series. cyanotype. Craig Richards.2019


Bit of Blue. Alternative photography. Started scanning some of the summers Cyanotypes. From a series based around circles.
Sun Anthotype. Tumric Photo Paper

Anthotype Sun Print

Anthotype. Alternative and Ecologically friendly Photography techniques. Developed in 1842 this technique is often overlooked in the digital age.

Golden Tree Productions B.T.S Video

Behind the Scenes shot of Golden Tree Productions new project pitch. Check them out for some Cornish culture. Blackmagic Pocket Camera. Nikon Primes.
Mountain Fog. Craig Richards Landscape Photography. Wales. 2017.

Mountain Fog

Mountain Fog. Craig Richards Landscape Photography. Wales. 2017.Mountain Fog. Craig Richards Landscape Photography. Wales. 2017.

Vintage Tattoo Badges

Vintage tattoo flash and Matchbook print technique inspired snake. Hand drawn, turned into a vector in adobe illustrator and custom texture and brushes in adobe photoshop
broken skateboards 35mm phone scan. College documentary photography project. Self processed 35mm.

Phone 35mm Film Scanner Test

Quick test of a cheap Mobile Phone 35mm Film Scanner. Basically a lightbox and attach your phone to the top. Not going to set the world on fire.
Leicina Special Super 8 Motion Picture Camera.

Leicina Special Super 8 Camera

Leica didnt only make top of the range stills camera. The leicina Special may be one of the best Super 8 cameras ever made.
The Tree of Life – “The Dogma”
“The Dogma”   •    Shoot in available natural light  •    Do not underexpose the negative Keep true blacks  •    Preserve the latitude in the image  •    Seek […]
Dogma 95: The Vow of Chastity
Dogme 95: The Vow of Chastity: I swear to the following set of rules drawn up and confirmed by Dogme 95: Shooting must be done on […]