Super 8 Wedding Film. Cornwall. Wedding present for Jim and Sian by Craig Richards
Jim and Sian Super 8 Wedding Video, Cornwall
broken skateboards 35mm phone scan. College documentary photography project. Self processed 35mm.
Phone 35mm Film Scanner Test
Leicina Special Super 8 Motion Picture Camera.

Leicina Special Super 8 Motion Picture Camera.


German Precision at its best.

Leica didnt only make top of the range still cameras. 

Produced in Wetzlar, Germany between 1972 and 1977 the Lecina Special is a top of the range Super 8mm Camera aimed at professionals.

The camera allows for manual ASA rating. Offers 9 / 18 / 25 / 54 frames per second as well and Single frame option.

Featuring a Leicia M Mount lens system allowing for the use of a variety of lenses. Lecia also produced two of the sharpest Super 8 Lenses specifically for the Special. The Leicina 6-66mm f/1.8 Optivaron and the  Leica Macro Cinegon 10mm f/1.8.