Having been working with Super 8 film for over a decade I have amassed a range of cine and audio visual equipment.

Most of it not very useful for the modern filmmaker.

Super 8 / 8mm / 16mm Cine Equipment. Super 8 Cameras. Film Viewers & Editors. Cine projectors. Cine Lenses. Experimental Film Equipment.

Super 8 Filmmaker and Cine Film equipment collector

Leicina Special Super 8 Motion Picture Camera.

Leicina Special Super 8 Camera

Leica didnt only make top of the range stills camera. The leicina Special may be one of the best Super 8 cameras ever made.

Quarz Zoom Hand Cranked 8mm Movie Camera

Quarz Zoom 8mm Cine Camera. Craig Richards Cine

Nizo 801 Super 8mm Movie Camera

Nizo 801 : 1975

Canon 310xl Super 8 Camera

Canon 310xl Super 8 Camera, a set on Flickr. The amazing Canon 301xl Super 8 Camera. Has a super fast f/1 lens, 3 x zoom, macro, shoots Motion Picture Film and best of all fits in your pocket. 18fps and Single Frame220 shutter angle25, 100, 160 (daylight)40, 160, 250 (tungsten)39 […]

What is Super 8?

center Super 8 Motion Picture Format developed by Kodak in 1965. Designed before the age of digital video these silent cine cameras shoot on 50 feet reels of 8mm wide motion picture film Cartridges and cameras were designed for ease of use and Super 8 quickly became the tool of choice […]

“The technology of yesterday becomes the art form of today”

Shoot Super 8!!! “The technology of yesterday becomes the art form of today” Marshall McLuhan, 1911 – 1980