kodak super 8mm craig richards

The Perils. Isle of White Festival 2010. Super 8 Music Video by Super 8 Filmmaker Craig Richards.

Rescan of an old film made back around 2010/11.  Scanned using DIY Projector telecine.

The Perils | "The River" | Isle of White Festival 2010 | Kodak Super 8

Brighton based band rock band The Perils playing what turned out to be their last gig at The Isle Of White Festival in 2010 captured on Super 8 Film.

Film shot on Kodak Super 8 Motion Picture Film (Around 35ft Tri X and 30ft of 64t) and Nizo 801 Super 8 Camera.

The super 8 film has been hand scratched, painted and bleached. The Perils broke up shortly after this gig and I never had the animated footage scanned. This film has been forgotten for a number of years till I had a chance to project some old films during covid lockdown.

DIY Telecine to HD in 2020.

Artist: The Perils

Song: "The River"

Album: Good People do Bad Things

Released: Militant Entertainment

Copyright: The Perils / Transmission Studios