Super 8 Wedding Film – Harv & Gem (Cardiff)

The Tree of Life – “The Dogma”
Digital Harinezumi Wedding Bridgend, Wales, UK

Welsh Wedding video captured at 18 frames per second on Super 8mm Cine Camera (18/5/12)

This is my wedding present for my good friends Harvey and Gemma.

Harv’s a childhood friend (Im talking before I could even speak) from Penzance, Cornwall so it was great to see him tie the knot to such a lovely girl.

Shoot on one roll of Kodak Tri X black and white super 8 Motion Picture Film.

Camera: canon 310xl super 8.

Powered by: Cornwalls finest, Doom Bar

The soundtrack was recorded by my very talented brother Darren.  A live recording with a couple of layers added over the top.

Darren teaches guitar in Camborne and Truro in Cornwall if anyone looking for a guitar tutor in Kernow check out his site (

All the best for the future guys, much love