DONT FEED THE SEAGULL’S (Newlyn, Cornwall. Super 8mm)
Matt and Chris Super 8mm Wedding Film

Andy and Jess Super 8 Wedding Film - Falmouth, Cornwall (02/07/10)

This video was my wedding present for my good friends Andy and Jess.

This good old Cornish wedding was a proper knee’s up.  It was Shot at the very unique Crasken Eco Farm, Helston, Cornwall ( 

With an outdoor ceremony, guests sat on hay bales for a sing along.  Guests provided an array of food that overflowed a 20ft plus table with plenty of Cornish booze it really was a lovely day.

The film was captured on a Nizo 801 super 8 cine camera. It was shot to edit with a belly full of Cornish Ale and two & a half reels (125ft) of film; one and half reels of Kodak Tri-x, and one Kodak Ektachrome 64t.

Telecine was done at

I then added the digitized footage to Final Cut pro and done some minor tweaking. Removing a few of my more drunk shots and shifting a few clips to fit the music, although luckily a lot was actually in time.

Music by
Nick Drake
The Beach Boys
The Pixies


This wedding present was made back in 2010. Digital technology was pretty poor compared to todays technologies. The SD interlaced scan was pretty horrid. I now have a DIY built 4k frame by frame scanner. Although it is still under constant development it is much better quality.