Craig Richards. Super 8 Filmmaker and Cine Film equipment collector. Having been working with Super 8 film for over a decade I have amassed a range of cine equipment. Super 8 / 8mm / 16mm Cine Equipment. Super 8 Cameras. Film Viewers & Editors. Cine projectors. Cine Lenses. Experimental Film Equipment.

Leicina Special Super 8 Motion Picture Camera.

Leicina Special Super 8 Camera

Leica didnt only make top of the range stills camera. The leicina Special may be one of the best Super 8 cameras ever made.

Quarz Zoom Hand Cranked 8mm Movie Camera

Quarz Zoom 8mm Cine Camera. Craig Richards Cine

Nizo 801 Super 8mm Movie Camera

Nizo 801 : 1975

What is Super 8?

center Super 8 Motion Picture Format developed by Kodak in 1965. Designed before the age of digital video these silent cine cameras shoot on 50 feet […]

Canon 310xl Super 8 Camera

Canon 310xl Super 8 Camera, a set on Flickr. The amazing Canon 301xl Super 8 Camera. Has a super fast f/1 lens, 3 x zoom, macro, […]

“The technology of yesterday becomes the art form of today”

Shoot Super 8!!! “The technology of yesterday becomes the art form of today” Marshall McLuhan, 1911 – 1980