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What is Super 8mm?

The digital age has created a culture of perfection and instant gratification, Super 8 offers none of these.


Kodaks Super 8 format burst onto the movie scene in 1965. Designed before the age of digital video these silent cine cameras shoot on 50 feet reels of 8mm wide motion picture film.

Cartridges and cameras were designed for ease of use and Super 8 quickly became the tool of choice for the home movie maker to respected film makers and artists alike.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience with their lovely Canon 814's.

Once exposed the film is then developed and watched on a film projector or telecined (scanned) to watch in a digital format.

The Beatles, All you need is 8mm, 1964

Although the Super 8 industry died almost over night with the introduction of digital video, the format still lives on.  Cameras and dozens of beautiful colour and black and white film stocks are readily available producing moody, evocative, romantic images that digital formats just cant replicate.Super 8 Film Stocks

Because of this super 8 regularly appears in feature films, documentaries, TV productions, music videos, advertising campaigns and in recent years experienced a renaissance within the wedding market rebelling against “long, boring, cheesy wedding videos”.