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DIY Telecine Kodak Vision 3 Negative

Vison 3 Telecine Test Mask RemovalWaiting for the bride.

vision 3 light leak neg mak removal vision 3 orange mask removal test

Start of reel light leaks. Bride and Grooms private moment together before speeches.

DIY Telecine. Experimenting removing the orange cast of negative film. Finding negative film a lot harder to transfer than reversal film.

Shot on Nizo 801 Super 8mm camera on Vision 3 Super 8 Motion Picture film. Super 8mm Wedding Video.

DIY Super 8 Telecine comparison Test

Image comparison. Frame grab from a Super 8 Wedding Video shot on a roll of Kodak Tri X Super 8 Motion Picture Film. DIY Telecine vrs Paid Telecine.

My DIY Telecine frame grab (below). Click on images for higher resolution.


Frame grab from the Telecine I originally paid for (below), (by no means the best quality telecine available at the time, despite what the owners may have said)

Cheap super 8mm telecine frame grab

Frame taken from Cornish and Welsh couple, Harvey and Gemma’s wedding video.  Shot on a grey day in Cardiff, Wales. Kodak Tri x  Super 8 film.